Roller Skating Courses

Each course is the foundation for the following course. We are constantly building on beginner skate fundamentals to elevate the way you express your creativity on roller skates comfortably and confidently. See what course is right for you and check out the class schedule to know where to join us!

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Beginner Skate Class

In this course you will understand all of the beginner fundamentals of roller skating that every skater should know:

Balance, Shifting Weight, Creating Momentum, Control, Stepping, Forward Skating, Stopping, Crossing Over, Gaining Confidence & More!

✔️NO experience is required to join 

✔️ALL levels welcome to join

✔️Must be able to stand alone 

Intro to Rollerdance

In this course you will build on your beginner fundamentals to fun choreography & routines with music. The transiton course from being a beginner skater to becoming a rhythm skater.

In this course you will learn:

Backward Skating, Transitions Forward, Transitions Backward, Beginner Step Routines, Various Dance Moves[Downtown, Snake Walk, Slow Walk  & More], Basic Spins & More!

✔️Must feel comfortable skating forward 

✔️Must feel comfortable stepping 

✔️Must be able to properly stop 

Beginner Rhythm Class

Understand and strengthen your knowledge of rhythm skating using more advanced techniques from the Intro to Roller Dance course.

In this course you will learn:

Pivot Variations, Pivot Routines, Sweep, Grapevine, Partner Skating, Trains/Trios, 360, Back 6 & More!

✔️Must feel comfortable skating backward  

✔️Must feel comfortable transitioning forward/backward 

✔️Must be able to transfer weight in toes/heels

Private Skate Lessons

Prefer to learn 1:1 or want to learn in a small group with others that you know? Private lessons are designed to give students individual training to enhance their skating capabilties in a 1:1 setting.

Private Lessons are booked in 3hr increments, broken up into two seperate 90m sessions that are scheduled with the instructor.

Receive detailed and individulalized instruction to achieve your skate goals. Receive digital content of our sessions to be able to practice on your own, to see your progress and to post on your social media.

Virtual Group Class

Schedule too busy? Don't live where we are hosting classes?

Join us on Sundays starting at 11:30am for Beginner Skate Class and Beginner Rhythm Skate Class at 12:45pm.

Virtual Private Lessons

Prefer to learn 1:1 but dont leave near Rollin Rhythm? These lessons are designed to give students individual training to quickly enhance their skating capabilties.

Join us for virtual 1:1 Skate Lessons

Need skates? We got you!

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